What we Do

Our Mission

(L to R). Julia Allsbrook, Secretary; Gayle Locke, Vice President; Julia Andrus, President,; Lori Clay, Finance Chair/Treasurer.

DERP works to provide positive publicity for Downtown Enfield. Through an intensive publicity campaign to raise awareness of Enfield's assets and positive attributes DERP has changed the conversation about Enfield. 

DERP creates events to attract visitors to Enfield and raise the necessary funding that is needed to revitalize Downtown. 

We have planted 23 trees, replaced building awnings, painted facades of buildings, repaired roofs, hired artists to create murals, designed and created a pocket park Town Square, published historic homes brochures, and so much more. 

We are currently designing a powerpoint on building reuse for marketing  and economic development purposes. 

Promoting our agri-eco-cultural tourism trilogy and pursuing economic development opportunities is our focus. 

We encourage you to volunteer with us!

April (14th) 2018

Bless Your Art

DERP recently received $6000 from Halifax Horizons as a reimbursement grant for revitialization to a beauty salon Downtown.  A New Roof and new awnings on several buildings downtown.  Thank you Halifax Horizons!

1st December 2018

Colonial Christmas

Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Board for 2018!  We have an excellent  team of executive officers.  All of them founding members of DERP. 

     Our new President is Julia Andrus of Andrus Construcution.  Julia has been our Financial Chair/Treasurer since we started.  She has been instrumental in keeping our non-profit organized and keeping all of us on track financially.  Julia is taking on the leadership role from out going co-chairs, Jackie Allsbrook of Aunt Ruby's Peanuts and Suzann Anderson of Bellamy Manor & Gardens.  Jackie and Suzann will continue giving their assistance to our newly elected President. 

    Our Vice President is Gayle Locke of Southern Secrets at Mears.  Gayle has a long list of accomplishments both at DERP and in our community.  She is the Chair of the Meals on Wheels Program, sings in the choir at Enfield Methodist Church, and is the "go to" person when anyone needs help.  Gayle brings lots of skills to DERP! 

     Lori Clay will become our new Finance Chair/Treasurer.  Lori is CEO of Halifax Mutual Insurance Company in Enfield.  Lori has also been a founding member of DERP and has always been a great volunteer at all the activities of DERP.  Lori is on the Outreach Committee of Enfield Baptist Church and is also Chair of the FInance Committee of the church.  She is extraordianrily gifted in finances and will be the perfect person to take on this new role. 

     Julia Allsbrook of Halifax Electric Membership Corporation will be the new Corporate Secretary.  Julia takes on lots of responsibilities from signing all corporate documents to making sure members get required information.  Julia is the perfect person for this job, She is extremely organized, savvy on social media, connected to non-profits, and is a great networker for getting jobs accomplished.

     Thank you to all for serving on the DERP Executive Board.


June 2, 2018

Enfield Fishing Creek Paddle


The Downtown Enfield Restoration and Preservation Association (DERP) is a

501(c)3  non-profit membership organization comprised of business owners and citizens to strengthen and support downtown revitalization.  The organization’s primary focus is stabilization of existing infrastructure, revitalization of abandoned properties through redevelopment, promote Enfield’s natural eco-agri-cultural tourism opportunities, and to develop and publish resources and economic incentives to attract and retain business in Downtown Enfield. 

Enfield, NC - Downtown Enfield Restoration & Preservation