What we Do

DERP works together to provide positive publicity for Downtown Enfield. through planting trees, painting facades of buildings, cleaning windows, creating events, promoting our agri-eco-cultural tourism trilogy and pursuing economic development opportunities.  We encourage you to volunteer with:. .

April (TBA) 2018

Bless Your Art

2 December 2017

Colonial Christmas

The Downtown Enfield Restoration and Preservation Association (DERP) is a

501(c)3  non-profit membership organization comprised of business owners and citizens to strengthen and support downtown revitalization.  The organization’s primary focus is stabilization of existing infrastructure, revitalization of abandoned properties through redevelopment, promote Enfield’s natural eco-agri-cultural tourism opportunities, and to develop and publish resources and economic incentives to attract and retain business in Downtown Enfield. 

  • Annual Enfield Fishing Creek Paddle
  • Bless Your Art spring fling
  • Colonial Christmas House Tour 
  • Beautification of Downtown Enfield
  • Fall For Enfield

Click the button above to pay for your annual membership ($50) to DERP or mail your check to Treasurer, DERP, 7622 Highway 481, Enfield, NC 27823 .  Your membership goes a long way in creating a vibrant Enfield!

Enfield, NC - Downtown Enfield Restoration & Preservation

Next Meeting July 10 at 12:30PM

Our Mission

We are adding a new event for October!  "Fall For Enfield," which will be a combination artisan, arts, food truck, music and more event. 

DERP had a great Bless Your Art exhibition and Enfield Fishing Creek paddle this year.  Look for Bless Your Art in April of 2018 and Enfield Fishing Creek Paddle in June of 2018.

22 trees have been planted along Railroad and Dennis Streets and the new "Town Square" sign has been put up and Town Square now looks wonderful with its flowers and new sign.

DERP has put on 4 new awnings on buildings Downtown.  The Whitaker building that was donated to DERP now has a new awning, a new roof, new planters with evergreen trees and a new mural by Napolean Hill.  Thank you to the Carrie Whitaker family for donating this building and Town Square to DERP.


June 2, 2018

Enfield Fishing Creek Paddle


2017 Colonial Christmas date is Saturday, December 2nd, please update your calendars, we will be focusing on "Craftsman Style Homes of Enfield."