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Projects in Enfield

We want to be a catalyst for positive changes to our downtown.

DERP is run 100% by volunteers, who are dedicated members of the Enfield community.



  • 2011: In partnership with the town, new street lamps were installed in front of the municipal building and lodge side of Railroad Street. Unsightly telephone poles were removed. 

  • October 2012: Started painting Holdford's Hardware Building and other buildings along Railroad Street; a custom-designed cover for a dilapidated building was installed on a building on Railroad Street.

  • January 2013: Napoleon Hill painted the Enfield logo on Holdford's Hardware Building corner wall.

  • October & November 2013: DERP purchased pots, dirt and plants and planted flowers around downtown.

  • April 2014:  Purchased the concrete planters, fountain, tables for town square.

IN THE BEGINNING 2013-2017 (gallery)

  • 2012: Purchased planters and shrubs for Downtown and painted some store fronts.

  • Starting out as a Farmer's Market in 2013, DERP decided to change the market to a square. The signs for Farmer's Market and Town Square were built by Brenda Greene, Rob Scala and Ronnie Locke. Numerous volunteers helped to install the sign at Town Square.

  • 2014: Had awnings (made by Myra Wirtz) installed on four buildings downtown.

  • 2015: Planted 22 new crepe myrtle trees on Railroad Street in 2015.

  • 2016: Purchased and installed new black decorative waste receptacles for the Town of Enfield.Through fundraising and donations, new trash cans were purchased and placed along Whitfield Street. Benches were also purchased and found their home in the Town Square.

  • December 2016: The Whitakers Family donated the Town Square property to DERP. 'Town Square' is owned and maintained by DERP through donations from the community for the community of Enfield. The site was originally The Opera House (vaudeville theater), which burned down. It remained a vacant overgrown lot for years. Initially, the project was a welcomed collaboration with the Town of Enfield, turning a potential liability into a community asset. The Town of Enfield initially contributed power for the security light and water for new plantings.

  • 2016: Rehabbed second floor of adjacent building (hair salon) behind Drug Care. Needs additional work.

PROJECTS IN 2018-2020 (gallery)

  • 2017: Joyce Ross collaborated with Landscape Architect Tom Moss of Enfield, to design and enhance Town Square. Doris Calvert started planting flowers in pots and then the plan was gradually implemented.  Thank you to Tony Silver of Tony Silver Concrete and Vincent Landscaping for cutting concrete, digging the holes and trenches. Vincent Landscaping then planted these spaces with four Crepe Myrtle trees. They also installed underground lighting and water service for the plantings. 

  • 2018: DERP hired Steve Owens Landscaping to beautify the Town's Municipal Building Flag Pole area with new plantings of perennials and mulch to accent our Town's municipal meeting area. Thank you to Joyce and Ernie Ross (DERP members) for orchestrating this project.

  • 2018 - 2020: Flowers planted in Town Square annually by DERP members; DERP conducted major fundraising through events, with October costume parties at Scotfield Preserve and New Year's Eve parties at the Collective Center on Whitfield Street. The pandemic restricted these types of fundraising events.

PROJECTS IN 2021-2022 (gallery)

  • 2021: Town Square: Porch/ Stage construction with custom metal art posts made of peanut disc blades: Matt Dyson (Dyson Custom Creations, Enfield); custom recycled metal art with assistance from Andrew Wirtz, Jeffrey Lions and Sarah Brinker. The porch/stage was built with reclaimed materials from old houses/ barns in the area gathered by Matt Dyson and Sarah Brinker, donated by Henry Herbert, Bert xxxx, and Hickory Meadows Organic Farms.

  • 2021: Town Square: Designed and built concrete raised bed gardens: Jeffrey Lions and Sarah Brinker with blocks contributed by James and Julia Andrus (Andrus Properties, Enfield) reclaimed from an old building, topsoil donated by Tatum Eason (Eason Earth Sources, Rocky Mount), mulch donated by (NC Mobile Vet Services). They all came together with lots of DERP volunteers. The beds were planted with herbs, flowers and vegetables for the community to enjoy.

  • 2021: Town Square: The addition of outdoor furniture to provide a comfortable place to gather; furniture donated by Hickory Meadows Organic Farms; Delresa Silver donated fabric for the cushions and Therman Hunter (a former Commissioner of Enfield) upholstered the cushions; new umbrellas were purchased by DERP.

  • 2021: Town Square: Ribbon Cutting.

  • 2022: Town Square: Reconnection of power and water in DERP's name, paid through donations.

  • 2022: Town Square: First Earth Day Celebration with sidewalk chalk games, food and plants! We planted sunflowers and vegetables in Town Square. Free tomato plants generously provided by Amanda Hamil and given to participants, home energy kit raffle and take-home pamphlets on 101 ways to save energy courtesy of Halifax Electric COOP, coffee donated by The Barna Family, cinnamon roles by xxxx, and sunflower seeds donated by Brenda Greene. 

  • 2022: Pruned Crepe Myrtles on Railroad Street and planted nearly 200 hardy succulents beneath them. 



  • The Evolution of Town Square:

    • Repair the concrete and expand the ramp from the sidewalk to increase accessibility and create a uniform entrance.

      • In the large repair space at the entrance, find ways to sponsor a mural on the ground. Hope to get schools and people in the community involved in some type of contest. There may be opportunities to partner with NC Arts Council.​

    • Install a Free Little Library, partnering with other members of the community.

    • Create a Community Kiosk as a space to physically post information and to feature local children's art.

    • Partner with Wave7 of Enfield to bring Free Internet to this community space (working on stand-alone solar technology).

    • Future Free Little Pantry.

    • Continue to work on active communication with the community as the space develops. DERP wants to open the space for family-friendly community events. The space exists for the community, so we are committed to working harder to get the word out. 

    • Inspiration Gallery Coming Soon:  What do you want to see happen in Enfield's downtown? How can we work together to make it happen?


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